Global Action Days

Students and teachers are invited to come up with innovative ideas that raise awareness, create positive change, help the environment and lead to a more sustainable future. These ideas are put into action on a chosen date each year, collectively known as Global Action Days.  Schools are invited to share their ideas for action and positive stories on our website and social media sites. 

As a dedicated supporter and champion of the Sustainable Development Goals, the Foundation for Environmental Education is proud to announce that the forthcoming FEE Global Action Day will be held on 20 April 2018.

The purpose of this day is to call attention to how FEE and our member organisations are helping to realise the benefits of the SDGs through the work we do with FEE’s programmes. Whatever the SDG you choose to highlight, we want to know about it!

Worldwide, our network engages in countless acts of awareness raising about all 17 of the Goals on an almost daily basis.



  1. Plan a specific action for an SDG of your choosing and execute this action on 20 April
  2. In Eco-Schools you also have the chance to organise an Action Day on any date in our Eco-Schools Calendar 2018 leading up to 20 April. We strongly encourage schools to include documentation of their Action Day in their next Green Flag application!
  3. Register your Action here
  4. Share pictures and/or videos from your day using #globalactiondays #GlobalGoals on our Facebook Group


Registration is open.

Remember: you can always repost stories from the past year highlighting your commitment to the SDGs!! Just remember to tag them with

#globalactiondays #GlobalGoals



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