I’ve got the power!

Eco-Schools 25th Anniversary Video Campaign

In 2019, Eco-Schools celebrates 25 years of excellence in the field of Environmental Education and Education for Sustainable Development.

This campaign aims to involve each and every actor within the Eco-Schools global network – students, teachers, school and University administration, school staff, volunteers, other organisations, and our institutional and corporate partners – to voice a message to the global community; that it only takes an idea told out loud to engage ourselves and our political leaders in positive actions! This is also showcases the empowerment that the programme has been able to bring about in youth.

Entry form 

Below you can upload your entry to the Video Competition launched as part of the Eco-Schools 25th Anniversary celebrations. By submitting an entry you agree to FEE's data protection policy and to the dissemination of the video across FEE communication channels, as indicated in the Media Consent form.

Any submitted media not preceded or accompanied by the Media Consent form and the Translation Validation form (where applicable) will be immediately deleted by the recipient.

Campaign Package

  • Guidelines

  • Communication package

  • Media Consent form

  • Translation Validation form

In line with Global Action Days 2019!

The video campaign runs from 11 March – 3 May, coinciding with FEE Global Action Days on 15-22 April!

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After submitting, upload your video on your Social Media using the following copy ideas!

  • Video Post copy – Sample 1

I’m part of the generation that acts and I’m fighting for a world full of positive actions #ecoschools25 #ivegotthepower #sustainabledevelopment #countryname

  • Video Post copy – Sample 2

Watch my entry to Eco-Schools’ 25th Anniversary Video Competition! We’ve all got the power! #ecoschools25 #ivegotthepower #sustainabledevelopment #activecitizenship #countryname

  • Video Post copy – Sample 3

In 2019, Eco-Schools celebrates 25 years of positive actions and a growing green student movement! What would you do if you had the power? #ecoschools25 #ivegotthepower #sustainabledevelopment #countryname

  • Video Post copy – Sample 4

Eco-Schools is currently running a video campaign, collecting videos from all of you around the world! Become part of the generation that acts! #ecoschools25 #ivegottthepower #countryname


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#ecoschools25 #ivegotthepower

Campaign Taglines

I’ve got the power!

..Becoming the generation that acts