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Eco-Schools 25th Anniversary Video Campaign

In 2019, the Eco-Schools programme entered its 25th year of engaging young people in taking positive actions that transform them for life. Eco-Schools aims at providing every child with the opportunity to acquire the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values necessary to shape a sustainable future by integrating priority sustainable development issues into teaching and learning. The video campaign was an opportunity to showcase the quality and depth of learning through Eco-Schools and make verbal commitments to sustainable development.

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  • Campaign Photo by Di Lewis from Pexels


Bahamas - England - Finland - France - Greece - Iceland - India - Ireland - Netherlands - Northern Ireland - Portugal - Scotland - Slovakia - Slovenia - USA - Wales


The Eco-Schools programme is contributing to ensuring that the environment is recognised as a critical element – the most important public good on which Quality of Life is dependent. Since 1994, we have, all together, strived to make our programme a globally well-established vehicle for positive actions, student engagement, and sustainability education through deep experiential learning to prepare generations of active citizens who take the public responsibility to not only conserve the environment but through their handprint reverse the challenges before humanity. The 25th Anniversary Declaration of Eco-Schools pledges to reach every child with Education for Sustainable Development as an important Human Right.

With the enormous challenges before humanity, there is an important need for taking positive action. Our images of the future define and limit our performance. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide us with a vision of our common future. They set before us an Agenda to engage with for a sustainable Earth. ESD has the power to help more people share the same positive image of the future we want. The role of any Quality Education is to prepare for societal norms and needs. The SDGs agreed by all the nations are a societal expectation on how we would like to see the development of humanity in harmony with other life forms on Earth.