FEE EcoCampus Stories

Dr. Melvin - Lecturer at University Malaysia Sabah, Malaysia

Dr. Melvin - Lecturer at University Malaysia Sabah, Malaysia

"FEE Ecocampus programme has accelerated the positive mindset development of UMS students from various faculties towards the challenging environmental conservation and education. Through the Seven Steps Methodology, the students are more organised in tackling our environmental issues such as energy and climate change, waste, and so on. Definitely, the collaboration between FEE UMS committee, UMS top management, UMS staffs, local NGOs, and so on, through various awareness activities demonstrated remarkable efforts, which I would always like to see more."

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Tiago Faria, ex-representative of Environmental Health students at the EcoCampus Committee of ESTeSL, Portugal

“Integrating the EcoCampus Committee is to want to be part of the solution and want to be an alternative to the ‘easiest way’. Participating in the EcoCampus Programme is to make a difference and believe that colleges play a key role in environmental education for sustainability. My participation in the EcoCampus began as a student in the 2010/2011 school year, the first year of college implementation, and later as a professor.”

Maria Kirrane  - Sustainability Officer at  University College Cork , Ireland

Maria Kirrane - Sustainability Officer at University College Cork, Ireland

"I have worked as Sustainability Officer at UCC for the last two years; in that time we have undergone our third full reassessment for Green Flag status and also been awarded the Gold STARS rating from AASHE. We wouldn’t have achieved that STARS rating if it wasn’t for the way that the Green Flag programme has been implemented in UCC over the last ten years. We have some incredibly engaged and active student and staff champions and, combined with strong commitment of university management, the Green Flag has really become part of UCC.

I am really proud of the genuine improvements that have happened in UCC over the last ten years, and this is thanks to the collaborative approach of the Green Flag programme. The Green Flag doesn’t mean that we are perfect, it means that we are working together to be better. But I think what has been achieved here really demonstrates what’s possible when an organisation really commits. We have a lot more to achieve though and we are all very aware of the urgency of these challenges!"

Nojuel JC Soluk, Student at Sekolah Menengah St Michael Penampang

FEE EcoCampus  changed my perspectives on things that I once turned a blind eye to and  widened my view enabling me to think outside of the box rather than  just staying in my comfort zone. Last but certainly not least, the  Eco-Schools Programme taught me that despite having different beliefs,  different dreams, different races and just being different in general,  we humans are still living in ONE planet with ONE mother nature.

Throughout  my 4 years being in this programme, I also realised that changes are  possible and it is up to us to help make our world a better place so  that our future generations could have a chance to live in a world  filled with wonders of mother nature.”

Vítor Manteigas, EcoCampus Coordinator of ESTeSL

Vítor Manteigas, EcoCampus Coordinator of ESTeSL

The participation of the Lisbon School of Health Technology (ESTeSL) in the EcoCampus led me into assume the role of “EcoCampus Coordinator”. Thanks to EcoCampus Programme, I have the opportunity, with the academic community which includes teachers, staff and students, to identify the solutions which can improve the environmental performance of our school. Thus, we contribute to reduce carbon emissions!

My participation in the programme helped me to work in network with other schools in Portugal and other countries, which is very interesting since we share our experiences, ideas and good practices in very unique and rewarding moments. I developed knowledge and skills I can use within the scope of the EcoCampus Programme. This work makes energetic and environmental issues relied with health even more interesting and motivating!

Liz Gabbett, Student, University of Limerick Green Campus.

“I am in a unique position as I am a student this year, but for the previous eight years I was a UL Students’ Union staff member. Currently, I am the secretary for the UL Environmental Committee (staff-led). I sat on the UL Green Campus Committee for 3 years. I am an environmentalist, and my particular interest is conserving and enhancing the biodiversity on campus. I am also a beekeeper and annual river clean-up leader/participant.

As part of my Masters programme (Technical Communication and e-Learning) I have incorporated my environmental interests into my projects. I have created a podcast for citizen scientists on how to describe bumblebees, and I have created a learning resource on how to manage plastic waste aimed at the general Irish public.“