About FEE EcoCampus


From secondary school to higher education

With a strong passion and deep conviction our students grow up to carry on the legacy of EcoSchools to tertiary education where FEE EcoCampus further supports them by fostering critical problem solving skills, systems thinking and preparing them to become future decision-makers and tackle sustainability challenges in life and in the workforce.

About the programme

FEE EcoCampus is an award programme that provides a framework to guide higher education institutions on their sustainable journey and model sustainability as an integral part of campus life while involving staff, teachers and the student body by empowering them to become forward thinkers and lead the way towards sustainable development.

Through an inclusive and action-based approach universities and students get involved, show commitment and engage for positive change. With our comprehensive Seven-Step Methodology we aim to facilitate integration of sustainability measures within complex multi-level institutions. This fosters sustainability awareness in institutions in a way that links to everyday activities and curriculum, and ties in with the operational requirements of a complex multi-use facility.

Besides the operational integration, FEE EcoCampus is first and foremost an education programme which empowers students to lead for sustainability and endeavours to extend learning beyond the lecture theatre to develop responsible attitudes towards the environment, culture and society and create value for the wider community.

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Where we are now

History of FEE EcoCampus

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