Zero Waste lunch at Hillman Primary School

Through the Alcoa W5 project, Hillman Primary School is buzzing! Students created reusable food wrappers from beeswax in an attempt to create zero-waste lunch packs!

As part of an Action Day in Australia, students along with their parents created reusable food wrappers from beeswax; as the Environmental Audit highlighted, the school used an excessive amount of plastic packaging, and hence the Eco Committee decided to prepare a waste-free lunch.

“We already have a focus on reducing waste at Hillman, but this project gives us a great framework and process to not only empower the students to look deeper at what else we can do at school to further reduce and recycle waste, but also take what we learn to the school community and into the students’ homes” Aaron Young, Hillman Primary School Principal

Teachers, parents and students alike, got together to make their own beeswax sandwich wrappers. The beeswax was grated onto a cloth, and then melted in the oven.

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