A World in Common - Teaching Resource by the Danish Outdoor Council

Take our hand and come with us to Uganda, a country almost in the middle of Africa. Here we will experience how Climate Change affects the country and the people, who live there.

In August 2016, the Danish Outdoor Council launched the teaching resource “En verden til fælles” (in English: A World in Common). The resource focuses on children’s lives especially with regard to Climate Change, sustainability and democracy in Uganda and Denmark. 

The resource raises questions that will make the pupils reflect on their own lives as well: What does a child in Uganda do during a normal day? What is it like to go to school in Uganda? How do you get water in Uganda? How is your own life different from the life of a child in Uganda?

Besides supplying this resource, the Danish Outdoor Council also runs an information campaign for schools in which the pupils get a chance to produce campaign materials, which will be used in a national information campaign in Denmark. The Civil Society in Development, an independent association of 280+ small and medium-sized Danish Civil Society Organisations, finances the teaching resource and the information campaign.

The Danish Outdoor Council works with Eco-Schools in Uganda and Tanzania in cooperation with local environmental organisations which ensure that the local communities surrounding the schools develop sustainably.

The resource is mainly available in Danish, but here you can find the example available for the English class.