Zero Waste Initiative: The British School Kathmandu and Cleanup Nepal

  • By Jenny Pinder, Eco-Schools Coordinator at the British School of Kathmandu

The British School Kathmandu has been supporting Cleanup Nepal to develop the Zero Waste at Schools Initiative. The idea is that a private school pays for a waste lesson, staff training, and a waste audit and a government school receives reciprocal training for free.

Up to now, recycling in Nepal has been very challenging, with poverty leading to waste dumping, and burning leading to poisonous leachate, fumes, dangers to animals, and visual and water pollution. Cleanup Nepal is working to try to re-educate the community by making them more aware of their impact and how they can improve their environment.

By teaching them how and what they can reduce, reuse and recycle hopefully we will see a huge improvement to the environment of Nepal.