Technology in favour of nature and biodiversity

In order to explore and popularise the biodiversity of Atanasovsko lake, students from the Eco Club "Captain Planet" at the "A.G. Kodjakafaliyata" Primary School in Burgas, Bulgaria in partnership with the Bulgarian Blue Flag Movement and Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation, realised their volunteer student project "My Atanasovsko Lake".

They developed an audio guide through QR codes in Bulgarian and English. The audio files in the audio guide were divided into five different themes: Man and the Lake, Lagoon, Mud and Sea, Migration and Birds, All about the Lake, Salt and Salt Production, narrated in an interesting and attractive way by the students. Stickers with QR codes were posted in various public places in the Sea Garden and the city of Burgas.

For a year, the students from the school participated and developed several environmental projects and were awarded with the Green Flag.

Story provided by Petya Yordanova, Eco-Schools Bulgaria - Alexander Georgiev Kodzhakfaliyata School – Burgas, Bulgaria