Tapei Rocks!

Taipei Rocks is a project that started at Taipei European School (TES) as part of their plan to become an official Green Flag Eco-School.

Students at the primary campus decorated and wrote environmental messages on rocks. Afterwards, they spread their messages outside of the school walls by placing their rocks in public places. 

The project has two main goals. First, to raise awareness of important environmental issues within our community and beyond. Secondly, to encourage students to spend more time outdoors enjoying nature. Our hope is that students at TES can see how a message can spread, and how even a small act can be the catalyst for much bigger change.


If you find a rock…

You can search for the rock you have found on this website using the 4-digit code on the back of the rock. When you find the rock on the website, please upload your photo and be creative! You could take the rock out for some beef noodles or do some sightseeing with it around Taipei 101! The children who made the rocks will be following their page so we think it will be funny for them to see pictures of their rocks travelling around. Finally, please share the message of the rock on social media using the hashtag #taipeirocks to help spread environmental awareness.

The next step is to place the rock somewhere else. We want the message to spread, so the rocks need to keep moving around to do this.

Of course, if you would like to paint your own rock and add it to the treasure hunt…that would be even better! You can find out how to take part on this website

Let’s see how many rocks we can inspire and how far they can spread these positive messages!