Collaborative project on clean energy in Dubai!

Age group involved

11 to 13 years


  1. Old project materials

  2. Used cardboard

  3. Old toys

Electric vehicles appear more and more in numbers but insufficient charging stations are causing problems. How can you charge an electric vehicle in a way that it is environmentally friendly and easily accessible, asked Amay Mahajan ( Grade 7), Rushiil Kiran (Grade 8) and Simar Singh (Grade 8).

The group of students, after experimenting with a prototype of a wireless mobile charger in technology class, came up with the following ideas:

  • Wireless charging of cars. The group of students successfully imitated the coil method to excite the positive and negative charge of the energy coming from solar panels.

  • Placing of working solar panels on a miniature model of a road, with charging schemes and materials needed to support the weight of vehicles passing by.

  • A battery collector was attached to keep the project working during the night too.

The ‘Solar Road Electric Car Project’, supported by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority and the Emirates Aviation University Dubai, aims to present a future plan for a clean source of energy to charge the battery of electric cars in Dubai. The feasibility study conducted by students and shows that a 20-minute driving in the solar road can charge the car’s battery by 30%  using a special wireless conduit and circuitry that can be installed in the electric car.


  • Collaboration

  • Critical thinking

  • Innovation