Guidelines for working with children and youth to support participation in the Eco-Schools programme and other ESD programmes

We are pleased to provide valuable experiences and suggestions for the educational work with children and young people with the guidelines "Sustainable development - understanding - implementing – creating" which brings together the main results of the project "Take Part in Sustainable Development".

The guidelines offer stimulation to understand and implement the principles of sustainable development in environmental and nature conservation area together with children and young people, thereby making society a little more sustainable. It contains theoretical and practical knowledge related to simple participatory learning methods as well as more complex learning arrangements like Service-Learning and sustainable student companies, showing the implementation by means of practical examples from Croatia and Germany and offering a collection of worksheets.

The project "Take Part in Sustainable Development" was carried out in the years 2013 to 2015, in cooperation with the Croatian Association for Nature, Environment and Sustainable Development (Sunce) and the German Society for Environmental Education (DGU) and significantly funded by the German Federal Environmental Foundation (DBU).

The guidelines have been developed in the German, Croatian and English language and can be downloaded under the following link:

We would be pleased if the guidelines provide suggestions and support for your educational work and hope you enjoy it and wish you good luck!


Best wishes,

Stephanie Pröpsting (DGU Germany)