Target4Green Educational Consultancy and Training


Target4Green Educational Consultancy and Training is a specialized, hands-on, community centered company dedicated to supporting schools across the world in their Education for Sustainable Development as well as working with companies in the creation and initiation of effective educational and CSR Programmes.

Target4Green brings all elements of sustainability together in thought-provoking and dynamic ways through practical workshops, seminars, team building, presentations and experiential learning opportunities.


Target4Green was founded by Peter Milne, a former teacher with over 20 years’ experience and in-depth knowledge of British and IB Curricula. Throughout his career in the UK, Malaysia and Dubai, Peter took on dedicated roles that developed and enhanced Environmental Education and Outdoor Learning opportunities.

In 2012, as Environment/Eco-Schools Coordinator at Raffles World Academy, Dubai, the school achieved Green Flag.

From September 2012, Peter has worked as an Environmental Education Consultant/Trainer and, through the success achieved in the UAE, formed Target4Green Educational Consultancy and Training Ltd upon his return to the UK.


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