Global Teacher Prize – Winner and Top Ten Finalists

Hanan Al Hroub is the winner of the Global Teacher Prize 2016. She teaches at Samiha Khalil Secondary School in Palestine, where she focuses on providing a safe space in the classroom for her pupils, paying particular attention to their individual needs.

Her approach has led to a decrease of violent behaviour in schools, often influenced by the Palestinian tense environment.

Here are the 10 Finalists who competed for the prize:

  • Hanan Al Hroub, Palestine

  • Aqeela Asifi, Pakistan

  • Robin Chaurasiya, India

  • Joe Fatheree, USA

  • Colin Hegarty, United Kingdom

  • Richard Johnson, Australia

  • Ayub Mohamud, Kenya

  • Maarit Rossi, Finland

  • Michael Soskil, USA

  • Kazuya Takahashi, Japan

It is amazing to see that, out of the nine countries listed above, seven are countries where the Eco-Schools programme is implemented and led by committed teachers and National Operators.

Janet Hayward, a headteacher from Wales, was one of the top 50 finalists which we wrote about in our News section on the website.

Principal of Eco-Schools in Wales nominated for the Global Teacher Prize

We hope that in the future we will even see teachers from Eco-Schools all around the world being nominated for this prize.