National Operator Interviews: Sally Buqa'een


The Royal Marine Conservation Society of Jordan (JREDS), Jordan


City where the organisation is based:  Amman

Number of staff in the organisation/working with Eco-Schools: 8/2


What do you prefer?

  • Dogs or cats? Cats
  • Sea or mountains? Sea
  • Chocolate or chips? Chocolate
  • Film or book? Film
  • City or countryside? Countryside
  • Favourite word or phrase: LOVE
  • If you could sing one song in a music competition show on television, what would it be?

"You raise me up" Josh Groban

  • What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?

Messy moments - when you are working on a computer and a laptop and working on two tasks at the same time! I was preparing a proposal on one and was replying to emails on the other.  Suddenly the computer keyboard stopped. I tried to fix it, put the USB wire in and out but I kept failing. I called my colleague to help with the problem and she simply asked me to look where I am typing!


A high point of the programme, hopes and visions

The programme inspired some schools to establish a project at a local level that later became a success story, and was published in the media. It also helped a lot in better communications between the students, the local community, school levels and the Ministry of Education. I hope someday the programme is adopted as part of the national education strategy and policies, as there is a need to spread environment ethics and best practices among future generations to sustain the effort already being made to save the planet.  


Activities by the Royal Marine Conservation Society (JREDS)

The main activities are:

  1. Teacher training and meetings
  2. School Committee training
  3. Creation and facilitation of the network between schools
  4. Advising schools on how to run and develop activities and connect them with other relevant organisations if necessary


An inspiring story by the Royal Marine Conservation Society (JREDS)

  • Kings' Academy Annual Green Conference

The King’s Academy Annual Green Conference is a great opportunity to gather more than 200 students from private and public schools across Jordan. During a one-day event in March 2017, they exchanged experiences in the field of environment and best practices to reduce human impact on limited natural resources.

Last year, different schools participated in the conference, under the theme Agents of Change. Offsetting carbon dioxide emissions and minimising littering were the main topics raised and discussed in groups, highlighting the achievements and future plans to sustain the action and disseminate it at the local level. At the end of the day, all participating students were asked to join the conference to display the achievements gained and share the experience.

The conference is considered a key element to enrich networking between schools by meeting up and covers different environmental themes.

  • Local Waste Separation point

Queen Rania Al-Abdulla School is one of the first public schools that received the Eco-Schools Green Flag in 2009. With its principal and enthusiastic committee leading the school succeeded in 2015 in establishing the first local waste separation point on the school grounds. The idea was spread through publications and media to raise awareness among the students' parents and neighbouring community. Moreover, the idea was enhanced by meeting with cleaning labour in the area in order to introduce the project and encourage them to spread the word and participate in the separation process.

  • Prince Hamzeh bin Al-Hussein School

Prince Hamzeh bin Al-Hussein School joined the Eco-Schools programme in 2011/2012, aiming at improving the school environment and involving students in environmental protection activities. The school has put enormous efforts into spreading the knowledge among students, teachers and the local community as a first step towards greening the school.

In 2014, the school succeeded in receiving a fund from the Ford Company to replace all florescent bulbs with LED.  This achievement was followed by intensive lectures and awareness raising campaigns conducted by the Environmental Committee to inform all about the importance of the school’s commitment to the Eco-Schools goals and plans.