National Operator Interviews: Linda Van Meersche


MOS - Department of Environment, Belgium (Flanders)


City where the organisation is based: Brussels

Number of staff in the organisation/working with Eco-Schools: 23/19

What do you prefer?

  • Dogs or cats? Dogs
  • Sea or mountains? Mountains
  • Chocolate or chips? Chocolate
  • Film or book? Book
  • City or countryside? Countryside
  • Favourite word or phrase: "Let's handle this together"
  • If you could sing one song on a music competition show on television, what would it be?

     U2 One

  • What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?

When I was on the way to a teacher training session, I missed two trains and one bus in the same day, because of my own absence of mind. 

A high point of the programme, hopes and visions

Dream: Bring Eco-Schools together internationally, so they can learn from each other.

High point: networking moments, and Green Flag Event in October.

Activities by MOS - Department of Environment

Teacher-training sessions, planning and organising the jury for future Eco-Schools, visiting schools with local coaches, organising network days, international programme, policy, etc.

An inspiring story by MOS - Department of Environment

Because I started working in September as the National Operator for Eco-Schools, my experience as National Operator is rather limited. Most of the time our local coaches visit the schools and my job is to coordinate Eco-Schools from our office in Brussels.

On 18 January, I took part in a meeting in Bree. The primary school ‘Don Bosco Gerdingen’, which already has been awarded the Green Flag five times (In Flanders they can keep the flag for two years, in order to keep the process going.) organised a meeting with the local coaches, coordinators, local community, local partners, pupils, teachers, and a twin community from Italy. They are our ambassadors! I could feel the good vibe and their enthusiasm and it really lifted me up to a higher level!!!

They are now in the process of getting their 6th Green Flag.