National Operator interviews: Razvan Dinca


Carpathian-Danubian Centre of Geoecology (CCDG), Romania

City where the organisation is based: Bucharest

Number of staff in the organisation/working with Eco-Schools: 6/2

What do you prefer?

  • Dogs or cats? Both
  • Sea or mountains? Sea 
  • Chocolate or chips? Chocolate
  • Film or book? Both
  • City or countryside? City
  • Favourite word or phrase: Success 
  • If you could sing one song on a music competition show on television, what would it be?      I have a very bad voice 
  • What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?

My dog stole one of my basketball shoes and hid it. I have found the shoe after half a day, but it was intact! 

A high point of the programme, hopes and visions

The high point of the programme is the change of mentality.
My hope is that we can keep the vast network of Eco-Schools for the next ten years.

Activities by CCDG

We organise teacher training sessions, planting sessions, workshops and audits.

An inspiring story by CCDG

An Eco-Committee has developed in the kindergarten yard a beautiful garden with organic vegetables and fruits. A positive result was that many pupils asked their parents to grow their own plants at home.