Interview with Eco-Schools International




Country of origin: Cyprus / Italy

Name of the organisation running Eco-Schools: Foundation for Environmental Education

City where the organisation is based: Copenhagen, Denmark 

Staff in the organisation working with Eco-Schools: 2 – soon to be 3!

A high point of the programme, hopes and visions

The programme inspires and influences young people around the world to create a brighter, greener future for all. The idea that we are a movement of students, teachers, families creating a change starting from ourselves and our everyday behaviours, makes us very proud of working for Eco-Schools.  We hope that the programme will not only keep growing, but that it will also find ways to establish itself deeper in both schools and communities.

What does a year look like for Eco-Schools International?

-       Fundraising

-       Project Management

-       Programme Development activities 

-       Management of International Schools

-       Green Flag Assessor training for International Schools

-       Organising our annual National Operators’ Meeting

-       Day-to-day tasks and Communication with Eco-Schools National Operators

-       PR and Communications

-       Global Action Days

An inspiring story by Eco-Schools International 

The downside of working at the FEE Head Office is that we do not often get the chance to visit Eco-Schools and experience fieldwork. We did, however, join Karen, the Eco-Schools National Operator in Denmark, for a tour at Den Grønne Friskole in Amager just a few weeks ago. There was definitely a lot of inspiration to take away with!

The Green Flag awarded school is a proud participant of the Eco-Schools programme. Every single aspect of management and administration is based on experiential learning, turning to sustainable resources and involving children in every process. We learnt that the school focuses on knowledge about the environment and sustainability, horticulture, arts and crafts, technology, project design and systems thinking, social and emotional learning, mindfulness, communication and outdoors play. What made this truly inspiring was that we saw that the children really felt ownership over their school and are developing invaluable skills, such as leadership and critical thinking, through very simple activities.


Fun Facts about each other

Serena: Nicole is a bit hypochondriac. Once she got a bee sting at the office and she thought she was going to die!!! 

Nicole: Serena has a reputation at the office for being a whole anti-waste project by herself. Once she had expired yoghurt (knowingly!) and had a stomach ache for the rest of the day. Nothing can stop her!