Eco-Schools Project Advancing the Circular Economy (E-SPACE)

Thirty-three Eco-Schools in Slovenia and Latvia each are taking part in a two-year pilot project to prepare the younger generation with the knowledge of the Circular Economy (CE) and to empower them to take actions for advancing CE. Eco-Schools Project for Advancing Circular Economy (E-SPACE) is a pilot being initiated in the Eco-Schools of Slovenia and Latvia with support from LUCART Group.

Circular Economy (CE) is a new and emerging sustainability perspective. The perspective is built on the natural world where there is no concept of waste and everything is a resource for the next level step in the cycle of dependence.

E-SPACE is an attempt to capture the concepts of Circular Economy (CE) and present it to the stakeholders in the school system for education to develop the literacy that will help in advancing the demand for CE.

The main objectives of the project include

  • Develop a curricular framework for school education on CE

  • Develop exemplary educational kit on circular economy

  • Training of teachers on teaching circular economy through the Eco-Schools Seven step framework of project-based learning.

  • Raise awareness amongst stakeholders on the production cycle, from the raw material to the final product, its use, ways to reuse, reduce, recycle/upcycle – in other words, an understanding of the Circular Economy (CE)

The pilot will run till the end of March 2021 and after there are plans to extend the E-SPACE to the Eco-Schools network of over 52,000 schools in 67 countries.