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On this page, you can register your school in the Litter Less Campaign. This form is only for schools which have been invited to the Campaign as participating schools by the National Operator in your country. Check Who can participate? to find out more. 

Lesson plans for teachers

In the registration form, you will be asked which lesson plans you plan to use in your school. Please consult this with your National Operator. Click here to find the list of all the Lesson Plans on litter and waste.

Measurements of litter

In the registration form, you will be asked to choose one Litter Criterion which you will be measuring during the Litter Less Campaign. You will need to carry out the first monitoring of the chosen criterion when you register for the Campaign.

Please read the guidelines carefully and then choose one measurement criterion from the list below:

  1. Amount of litter found in the school yard

  2. Amount of litter and waste collected in the school

  3. Amount of paper collected in the school or classrooms

  4. Amount of waste recycled in the school or classrooms

Remember: Data must be filled in kilogrammes (kg). 

The selected criterion must be monitored by schools 6 times during the campaign (of which the first monitoring is at the time of registration). This is to ensure that the data can be used for the final impact assessment. To assist schools with this task, we have developed four frameworks (one for each criteria) which carefully explain the process and which can be used as an educational exercise for students as well.

Registration form

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