Discussing Cultural Heritage at the eTwinning Conference 2018

eTwinning is an Erasmus+ Project aimed at connecting schools from different countries, encouraging them to work on common projects. The theme of this year was ‘Cultural Heritage’. Eco-Schools Global was represented at the eTwinning Conference 2018 in Poland by Marvic Refalo, from Eco-Schools Malta. Marvic held a workshop on ‘Cultural Heritage as an Eco-Schools theme combined with the SDGs’.

The conference represented a possibility to share the educational programmes and the values of FEE, particularly of Eco-Schools, with other schools and committees, and to get comments and feedback. Marvic engaged the attendees with stories of cultural heritage projects of Malta and South Africa and explained the Seven-Step methodology. The workshop presented cultural heritage as a crucial element of education, contributing to the achievement of the SDGs.

A lot of participants showed their interest in becoming part of the Eco-schools programme. As a result of the presentation, and as students’ empowerment and democratic participation are a fundamental part of the Seven-Step process, Eco-Schools was invited to hold a workshop at the next eTwinning conference in 2019 on Democratic Participation.

  • Story provided by Marvic Refalo, Eco-Schools Malta