Eco-Schools Romania celebrates 20 years of Eco-Schools!

The Carpathian - Danubian Center for Geoecology (CCDG) organised its 20th National Seminar in September 2019. Over 300 participants joined the event: teachers, principals, school inspectors, authorities, sponsors and many other collaborators. 

FEE President, Lesley Jones, special guest of the event, encouraged the participants to continue their work and sustainable attitude towards the environment. The event focused on values and impact of educational programmes developed by CCDG in Romania. The Eco-Schools programme has been the focus of attention, through the prizes offered to the most active schools, through exchange of experience and inspirational ideas for future activities. In Romania, the Eco-Schools programme has a real success, with over 300 enrolled educational institutions. At the event, a total of 10 schools were awarded the Green Flag for the first time and another 15 have been awarded for the seventh time. After being reevaluated, 94 schools received an Eco-Schools Trophy and 37 were awarded the Eco-Schools anniversary plaque, which marks 10 years of success in the programme.

We are grateful for the positive attitude of children and teachers towards the environment and confident in the change they can make!